Why Does My Vehicle Need a Coolant Flush?

During summer, your car faces a lot of heat-related problems. Fortunately, the car is designed to keep its engine cool even if the temperatures are high. Your engine's cooling system has a coolant fluid that keeps flowing in the engine, helping to dissipate heat. Without this fluid, your engine will overheat, which will damage other parts of the engine. In extreme cases, the engine can even burst into flames.

For the coolant to perform its function effectively, it must be of the highest quality and clean. As you drive your can, the coolant will get contaminated, making it not perform as expected. That's why the coolant needs to be flushed once in a while and replaced with new, fresh, and clean coolant.

Engine overheating

As has been stated, the role of the coolant is to ensure the engine doesn't overheat. So if your temperature gauge is ever high and the engine overheats, it is most likely that your coolant has been contaminated and needs flushing. If this is not done at the right time, further damage will occur to your engine resulting in hefty repair costs.

The sweet smell from the engine

Overheating of the engine is not the only way to know your coolant needs flushing. If you feel some maple syrup smell or the smell of pancakes coming from your engine, it is an indication that your coolant needs flushing. The coolant contains a sweet-smelling compound called ethylene glycol that gives it the sweet pancake or maple syrup smell.

Leaking fluid

Apart from the engine overheating and the sweet smell, another sign that your coolant needs flushing is leaking fluid. When the coolant is leaking, it is evident that something is not right in your cooling system, so if you've noticed some orange or blue oil patches where you parked your car, car your mechanic urgently.

If you notice any of the three problems above, don't wait for long before calling your mechanic. A problem with the cooling system, if not addressed promptly, may cause severe damage to your car.

Do you have a cooling system problem? We invite you to drive your car into our car repair shop today!