What Can Wear Down Tires Prematurely?

It is no doubt that tires are essential vehicle components. With proper maintenance and regular servicing, they should last for a while before wearing out. However, there are times when your tires wear down prematurely, costing you so much to replace them, lest they cause accidents.

Here are some of the reasons why your car tires wear down prematurely.

Poor Wheel Alignment

If your car is pulling or swaying to one side when driving, there is a chance that your tires need alignment. Poor wheel alignment causes tires to wear out unevenly due to the constant hitting of the road at improper angles.

Worn Out Shocks and Struts

Worn-out shocks and struts cause tires to wear out unevenly. They affect the wheel alignment of your car, causing the vehicle to vibrate excessively. Besides the tire wear, they also lead to a bumpy and uncomfortable ride.

Your suspension parts must get checked regularly, and if worn out, our mechanic should replace them as soon as possible.

Low Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure leads to uneven tire wear since the wheels cannot handle your vehicle's weight and braking power. Temperature changes and worn valve stems tend to increase air pressure loss, and that is why you must monitor your tires weekly.

Mismatched Tires

You should use tires with the same tread depth for your tires to have a long expectant life. A minor mismatch can result in your tires wearing out unevenly and prematurely. Avoid using tires from different manufacturers or using old tires with new ones.

You could also have mismatched tires using identical tires due to variation in air pressure. Be sure to have all tires inflated with equal air pressure.

Mechanical Issues

Your tires reflect what is happening with your car. Worn-out car parts such as ball joints and kingpins can also result in premature tire wear. An experienced car expert at our shop can quickly notice the mechanical issues and fix them.

Irregular Tire Rotation

It is essential that you rotate your tires regularly to avoid uneven wear and tear. You should rotate the tires every time you get an oil change or after driving your car for at least 5,000 miles.

For tire replacement or services, feel free to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!