Traveling with Babies and Toddlers: Car Safety Tips for Parents

When traveling with infants and toddlers, safety is a key factor when planning your trip. When you are going on the road, you want to make sure you and your children arrive at your destination safely. What are some tips for parents traveling with babies and toddlers? How do you keep your children safe on the road?

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe on the Road

As a parent, you are responsible for your child's overall safety, including travel safety. Here are some tips to keep your baby or toddler safe on a road trip.

  1. Seatbelts save lives. This simple step can keep your child safe while you travel.
  2. Practice defensive driving everywhere you go. Check your mirrors often, and know what is going on around you.
  3. Put down your cellphone, and avoid other driving distractions.
  4. Know what the minimum requirements are in your state, then go above the minimum for added safety. Learn what car seat your child should sit in and use one designed for their height and weight. Keep your child rear facing as long as possible for the most protection if you are in a crash. Know how to properly adjust the straps on the seat, and place it in the back seat in the center.
  5. Have your local police department, highway patrol station or fire department inspect your car seat to make sure it is properly installed and meets or exceeds the state standards.
  6. Visually inspect the area around your car before you move it. Make sure there are no children behind your vehicle or playing near your car when you move.
  7. When you exit your car, double check to make sure your child is safely removed from the vehicle as well.
  8. Always keep safety in mind when traveling with children.
  9. Keep your vehicle serviced for optimal performance.

Traveling with babies and toddlers doesn't have to be stressful. Keep safety in mind, service your vehicle and avoid hazards on your road trips. To have your vehicle serviced, bring it to Complete Automotive Repair Specialists, LLC in Cromwell, CT today.