Top 5 Winter Vehicle Care Tips

As you may know, the winter months are the most challenging months for drivers on the road. It takes the most toll on vehicles, regardless of driving a sedan, SUV, or truck. Your automobile may endure salt damages, low tire pressures, frozen fluid lines, and slick tires. Today, we will go over some essential car care tips that will make your vehicle survive through the brutal winter.

Tip #1: Consider getting winter tires. 

Winter tires are highly recommended for those who live in icy or snowy areas. They have more profound rugged tread patterns that help provide better traction when turning or stopping on cold surfaces. If your lifestyle requires you to be on the road, even in deep snow, you should definitely invest in good winter tires.

Tip #2: Check tire pressure often.

During the colder months, your tire can wear down a lot quicker due to low pressure. Before hitting the roads, check and refill your underinflated tires.

Tip #3: Monitor fluid levels.

Your essential fluids include your engine oil, coolant, brake, and even windshield wiper fluid! Not only should you check for their levels, but you should also closely examine their condition (thickness, color, smell, etc.). Moreover, you should ensure none of them are too thick or frozen.

Tip #4: Test and clean battery.

Batteries struggle the most in the cold months, as they've probably endured a lot of stress from the summer months before. The smartest thing to do is to have it tested to ensure that it is powerful enough to suffice during the winter. Additionally, please clean off your battery terminals to prevent corrosion when inspecting your battery.

Tip #5: Run and clean off lights. 

Winter means shorter days, which is why you'll need to rely on your car's exterior lighting more than ever. Some of these bulbs may get foggy or yellowed over time, which could block your visibility. If yours happen to be dirty, make sure you clean them with a good solution.


Our technicians at Complete Automotive Repair Specialists are always ready to test your vehicle's suitability for winter drives. We invite you to bring your vehicle to our shop, so we can take care of checking these items for you today!