Signs It's Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

The fuel system, like all other systems in your car, requires regular maintenance. The four signs listed below indicate that your fuel system is in trouble. A clogged fuel filter, blocked fuel injectors, or an issue with the fuel pump might be the source of your problems. The following problems may be resolved by having our Auto Service clean your fuel system and replace your fuel filter.

Gas Mileage Problems

Gas mileage will be affected by a slow and unclean fuel system. You'll notice a difference in your pocketbook whether the engine is receiving too much gas or not enough. The engine will burn up any surplus fuel if it receives too much. It will put more effort to function if it isn't receiving enough. Both of these conditions, however, lower your car's fuel efficiency.

Reduced Stress Power

The engine of your car is stressed by towing, overloading, or simply driving up a steep slope. If you find your car losing power while driving in these circumstances, the fuel system might be to blame. When you put your car, UV, or under stress, it needs extra fuel to keep the engine running. You'll lose power if the fuel system isn't delivering enough gasoline to the engine.

Idle and Start-Up Issues

Starting troubles and/or harsh idling are two other signs of a faulty fuel system. If you're having trouble starting your vehicle and smell gasoline, it's possible that the fuel pump is jammed open, allowing fuel to flood your engine. When your car idles jerkily, it's possible that your engine isn't receiving enough gasoline. This may be fixed with a fuel system cleaning.

Lag in Acceleration

You'll feel acceleration lag if your engine isn't receiving enough fuel. When you press the accelerator to accelerate or get your car moving from a halt, your vehicle will splutter and battle you for speed. You'll have this issue if the fuel pump isn't pumping enough gasoline into the engine, or if the fuel filter or injectors are blocked.

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