Should You Replace Headlights in Pairs?

Like the lights in your home, your vehicle headlights dim out over time. As a result, dim-lit headlights can jeopardize your safety on the road, especially if there's an imbalance between the two. When one of your vehicle lights burns out, you may wonder if you should only replace one or both. The truth is that you should try to replace your light bulbs simultaneously to avoid this distraction. Here are some other reasons you should replace your vehicle lights in pairs.

Life Expectancy 

Factory-made bulbs usually have the same life expectancy. So when one of them burns out, you can assume the other one isn't far off from dying out too. You might as well get them repaired at the same time. Not only that, but driving with a headlight out is unsafe and gets you a ticket.

Consistent Visibility

With one new and one old light bulb, you're not as visible to other drivers, and you may even be a distraction for some. With two new headlights, you have full visibility and get the best possible output from your headlights. 

Easy Installation

Changing headlight bulbs requires you (or a technician) to get under the hood or under the vehicle. When you replace one bulb, you might as well replace the other. It'll save you an extra trip back to the auto shop. 


Light Repair/Replacement in Cromwell, CT

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