5 Most Important Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

The driving experience has been greatly improved by modern autos. The capacity of cars to speak directly with you, is another significant advancement that has occurred over the history of the automobile. In more detail, the modern automobile is far better equipped to alert you when something is wrong. This will be accomplished through the warning lights on your dashboard. Understanding the significance of each light is crucial. However, knowing what to do when you see each light is much more crucial.

Oil Pressure Light

Typically, this warning light will resemble an antique oil can. Although it is often red, some cars may have it in amber or deep orange.
Why Does It Matter?
It is one of the lights that is first most frequently misunderstood. Many individuals believe that this light indicates that your oil level is low. While it may be the case, it does not imply that it always is. You may actually have an issue with the oil pump or the oil filter.

TPMS Light

It will differ from vehicle to vehicle, but it will typically depict a tire in some way.
Why Does It Matter?
An incorrectly inflated tire will significantly reduce your vehicle's miles per gallon performance from an efficiency standpoint. Poorly inflated automobile tires will not function correctly while braking and may also make the vehicle more difficult to control, which is dangerous.

Check Engine Light

It appears to be a straightforward drawing of an engine block.
Why Does It Matter?
The first reason is that this light may be an indication of some extremely serious engine problems with your car. The second justification is that it addresses really serious condition or just a straightforward one that will get better on its own.

Battery or Electrical Light

Usually, this light will resemble a car battery. It will typically be a solid shade of red.
Why Does It Matter?
This symbol may illuminate on the dashboard to indicate a problem with the alternator or another component of the electrical charging system.

Coolant Temperature Light

This warning light resembles a thermometer submerged in water.
Why Does It Matter?
The Coolant Temperature Warning Light will turn on in the dashboard display if the engine coolant temperature exceeds the maximum operating temperature.

If any of this signs show up on your car you should not ignore but rather act to improve your cars efficiency. If you need warning light repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Complete Automotive Repair Specialists, LLC today!