Alternator & Charging System Repair in Cromwell, CT

Starting your car requires more processes than retrieving fuel or electricity from your battery. When your vehicle has trouble starting, you should never overlook the alternator. We welcome you to bring your automobile to the experts at Complete Automotive Repair Specialists in Cromwell, CT. Since 1991, our full-service auto repair shop has been the top choice for quality alternator repairs and charging system services.

Though your battery may still very well be dead, it could very well be caused by a bad alternator. The alternator is a component responsible for recharging your car battery by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy. It also supplies power to many of your vehicle’s accessories, including cooling fans, fuel injection system components, ignition coils, power steering, power windows, headlights, and more.

Signs of a Failing Alternator

  • Dim or Malfunctioning Headlights
  • Car Accessories Fail to Work
  • Dead Battery
  • Vehicle Stalling or Problems Starting
  • Growling or Whining Sounds From Under the Hood
  • Electrical Warning Light Illuminated

Bad alternators often get misdiagnosed and confused for a dead battery. However, you can always rely on the ASE-certified technicians at Complete Automotive Repair Specialists for accurate diagnosis. Our technicians are very thorough with alternator tests and even better problem solvers. We have every part and diagnostic tool readily available for us to get your engine up and running in no time.

When you choose us for your alternator repairs, you’re protected by a 3 year/36,000-mile limited nationwide warranty on qualified repairs. At our shop, we always put our customers and their needs first. To create a warm and inviting environment, we have free snacks, coffee, and water for you to enjoy while you wait. Additionally, we offer a free local shuttle service if you’re on the go.

For charging system and alternator testing and repairs in Cromwell, CT, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to Complete Automotive Repair Specialists.